Facilities Management Finance

Facilities Management Finance

As a term, facilities management (FM) has been with us for some time.

The actual function of facilities management depends largely upon which industry it is associated with, but generally, the key differentiator will be the relationship to Hardware and Finance.

Many FM industries are all about the supply of a range of services under contract to an end-user, who is keen to outsource elements of their business. FM is the mechanism that enables these relationships to exist.

For the purposes of this site however, we are more interested in the combination of goods and services being supplied by the same supplier or vendor.

The photocopier industry has been doing this for many years and has developed a raft of finance based products that support this capability.

They include –

·         Cost per copy agreements

·         Managed Print Plans

·         Or the more closely aligned Managed Services Plans

All are built around the supply of a hardware solution, i.e. a photocopier or more likely a fleet of photocopiers and then they seek to add all elements attached to that supply such as:

-          The service and maintenance

-          The paper

-          The toner

-          Software solutions

These days, with digital connectivity, the list is virtually endless. Anything that hangs off the network is seen as something that is applicable to a Facilities Management solution.


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